Delicious Service Learning

One of my favorite professional groups of people is a statewide network of folks interested in service learning.  In the past few years, the group has undergone some major leadership changes, growth pains and reorganization.  It includes K-12 teachers and administrators, area and state education staff, college and university representatives, non-profit and community organization leadership.  This is not a group whose members just run into each other at the water cooler or staff meetings.  After our last quarterly meeting, there was a whole flurry of emails to the effect of “Here is the resource I mentioned at our last meeting.”  While the resources are great, they are hiding in lots of places in everyone’s email in-boxes.  Enter the wonders of social bookmarking!  My plan is to use to tag the resources that were emailed and invite other group members to join and use the same tag.  I will also ask them to use the notes box to include ideas or examples of how they might use that particular resource.  It should be a great way to keep a consistent list of resources and share updates between meetings.  Best of all, it will be up to the individual when and how often or intensively they want to use the social bookmarking.

What is the most effective use you have found for social bookmarking sites?

One thought on “Delicious Service Learning

  1. sharoncas says:

    This is a great plan, Gayle. I like to have link for my students to access when they are researching something in particular. It helps reduce the amount of time they seem to get “caught in the web” as compared to them having free reign of the Internet.

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